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Reasons for Building Your Future on Open Source Software

With Free/Open Source you get much more than you pay for:

Affordable and capable software enables smbs to "compute like the big boys" with enterprise-ready applications running open standards

Open Source technology scalable from small to large enterprises

Get out of the expensive licensing rat race - get off the hardware upgrade merry-go-round

Keep your computer hardware longer - upgrade on your terms
Even recycle your older PC hardware and extend their working lives

Safer and more secure computing alternatives without total upgrade commitment
Cross platform software allows you to "test the waters" or transition to Open Source at your pace

CD-based distros allow you to "kick the tires" with no installation commitment

Reliable server operation lets you sleep at night - renowned uptime and reliability means longer periods between maintenance

Commodity software + commodity hardware = unbeatable price/performance

A software development model unmatched by proprietary companies gives you equal or superior quality applications

Open Source nature provides superior speed and support in patching security vulnerabilities and fixing bugs

Highly customizable to suit your business needs and the way you work

Freedom to choose best-of-breed applications - no vendor lock-in

No more abandoned software - What's created in Open Source stays in Open Source
You can still obtain access to the code - even if the creators go away

Build a safe, reliable and robust computing infrastructure with LAMP technology:

L = Linux Operating System
A = Apache Web Server
M = MySQL Database
P = Perl, Python or PHP scripting language

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