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According to recent data from the Department of Employment, job seekers now spend an average of about four months looking for a new job. That may seem like a long time, but it is not surprising when you consider the current employment environment and the lengthy hiring process many businesses utilize. has spent the last few months studying and talking to job seekers who found their new jobs much faster than the norm in an effort to discover what they are doing differently. We tracked people in the same type of job in similar markets, with similar backgrounds and experience.

Here are our results:

The Average Job Seeker Group:

The Super Job Seeker Group:

Overall, we found that the Super Job Seeker Group was far more active. The Super Job Seeker Group had a comprehensive strategy and utilized networking to find their next job. The Super Job Seeker Group clicked on as many as 50 job postings per day (compared to 30 per day in the average group) and was more likely to apply for a job, even if their skill set did not align perfectly

In addition, we found that while both groups were members of, the amount of energy and time devoted to creating and nurturing their personal brand differed greatly. The Super Group added an average of twenty keywords to their profile while the Average Group only added seven!

Given these clear-cut results, if I was unemployed, it's pretty self-evident to me which category I would like to be in. Which Category are you in?

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