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Software/Web development and tutorials

Programming languages Object-oriented programming
Linux desktop software development History of the Internet
The rest of the LAMP stack Creating Web pages
Web application Web Hosting Sponsorship Program
Software/web development tools New developments in web-based programming
Kickstarter Kickstarter for Open-Source Projects?
Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money Open Sourcity
Starting A FOSS Project? Then Know Your Licenses Crowdsourcing
Choosing an open source software license for your development project - TechRepublic Choosing an OSS license doesn’t need to be scary -
DjangoCon 2012 - Russell Keith-Magee "Get off the bench: Making the leap from user to contributor" - YouTube A guide to choosing an open source license for your work or project |
An interview with Łukasz Jachymczyk, co-founder of Flossmarket | Evaluate and participate in an open source project |
Firefox add-ons and extensions - TutorGig search results Gun.Io - Hire a Freelance Developer for Your Next Project
The Art of Unix Programming Flossmarket - Open source software orders and contractors
RunRev: Makers of LiveCode | The Mobile App Development Platform of Choice | Create Apps for iOS Android and Desktop Create your own apps for free with open-source LiveCode 6.0 | PCWorld
LiveCode - Wikipedia OpenHatch - Community tools for free and open source software
Grokking the GIMP GIMP - TutorGig search results
OStatic's Updated Collection of Free Resources for GIMP Graphics User Interface Design For Programmers - Joel on Software - your one-stop resource for both code and analysis Portal:Build Service - openSUSE

Software/Web Development Help

Art Of Community Online | The Book On Community Management, by Jono Bacon

Open Government

World Wide Web ConsortiumWorld World Wide Web Consortium - Wikipedia
Cascading Styles Sheets, Level 2
Pluralsight – Hardcore Developer and IT Training TutorGig
W3 Schools Web Developer's Virtual Library
Comparison of web application frameworks Welcome to Tizag Tutorials
A Web Development Tutorial and Information Site webmonkey - tutorials
Webmaster Hot Scripts
Amazon Web Services Google Web Toolkit - Wikipedia
Google Web Toolkit The Java Boutique
PlanetSourceCode - programming tutorials The SSI Developer Dev Shed Tutorials
welcome to eXtropia Programming tutorials and source code examples
Open Source Tutorials - Open Source Training GitHub now center of OSS development universe
O'Reilly Open Books Project Atlas Beta - The new learning environment from O’Reilly
O'Reilly's CD bookshelf HTML Dog
HTML Goodies - A library of free DHTML and Ajax scripts
Tutorials 30 Useful Open Source Apps for Web Designers
Free EBooks
Web Education Community Group Yahoo! Developer Network | Collecting all the cheat sheets Learning Python, Linux, Java, Ruby and more with Videos, Tutorials and Screencasts Free and Inexpensive Ways to Pick Up Open Source Tech Skills
Kids and Coding
Free eBook | Getting youth involved in open source | Greenfoot - Teach & Learn Java Programming
Python Tutorials for Kids 8+ | Let's learn Python! Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming - Free Download - DownWs's video with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and | About Us |
How to get more kids to code | Moving to BASIC programming with Gambas for kids |
CoderDojo Crunchzilla
Devoxx4Kids | Inspire children to programming, robotics and engineering Parenting tips for teaching kids to favor and learn from open source |
Kids learn to program by making cool games | About Scratch | Scratch Documentation Site
Group:GNU - pre-university and high school software competition Facebook Launches Open Academy To Give Kids College Credit For Open Source Contributions | TechCrunch
Black Girls Code, BlackGirlsCode - Black Girls Code   imagine. build. create. Youth Digital - Online Programming, Coding & Computer Classes for Kids

Color Tables
Table for the Color Blind Browser Safe Color Table Color Table

Software Project Hosting Sites
Open Source Software: Top 59 Sites
Libre Projects CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
PyPI (Python Package Index)
ErrorApp Buntfu
SourceForge - Wikipedia The SourceForge Story
OSU Open Source Lab Free source code hosting - Bitbucket | Atlassian
Git - Official Site Git Pocket Guide
GitHub · Build software better, together. Git Tutorial
Git - TutorGig search results Beginning Git and Github for Linux Users |
Interactive Git Tutorials