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For Newbies

The Linux Kernel: An Explanation In Layman's Terms Anatomy of a Linux System
Linux Career News | Linux Jobs | Linux Skills | Linux Training Switching to Linux from Windows - Wiki
Moving from Windows to Linux: Easy Steps and Resources Top 10 Tips For Beginning Linux « Everyday Linux User
A Windows user’s guide to Linux Getting Linux up and running
New to Linux? Make sure you bookmark these The Linux Documentation Project
A Beginner's Guide to the Linux Command Line - TechSpot A Beginner's Guide to the Linux Command Line, Part II - TechSpot
The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide Linux in a Nutshell, 6th Edition - Free Download eBook - pdf
10 Useful Free Linux eBooks for Newbies and Administrators LINUX NEWBIE ADMINISTRATOR GUIDE Everything Linux
Linux Newbie Administrator Guide - 2 The Linux Link Tech Show
The Evolution of Linux Weekend Project: Taking the Next Step with Linux after the Install Linux Information Portal How to introduce Linux to your little kid
How to Convince Your Friends to Use Linux Without Being a Jerk 30 Best Sources For Linux / *BSD / Unix Documentation On the Web - Linux Training For The desktop and Server All the Free Linux Documentation Resources You'll Ever Need
Linux: A Getting-Started Guide Test Driving Linux: From Windows to Linux in 60 Seconds
LPI Linux Essentials Need Linux Skills? 12 Places to Learn Online
Linux Essentials Video Training Online | CBT Nuggets Free Linux Training
Learning Linux with free edX course | Introduction to Linux | edX
Download the Linux Starter Pack Professional online Linux classes for all - and the first one is free | ZDNet
GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline Pinehead.TV | Linux | Mobile | Space - Tutorials, Tips, News & Scientific Insight
How to Get a Linux (Related) Job | Pinehead.TV Linux Academy
The 7 Deadly Linux Commands | TechSource Linux Voice | The magazine that gives back to the free software community
FTA - Main page | FTA - Free Technology Academy Top 10 Uses For Linux (Even If Your Main PC Runs Windows) | Lifehacker Australia
Loads of Linux Links: Top 50 Open Source Replacements for Windows XP - Datamation
The first rule of choosing a desktop Linux distribution: User, know thyself | ITworld Linux For Mortals | CBT Nuggets
Which Linux Desktop Environment Right For You? - Datamation Which Linux Desktop Environment Should You Use? « Everyday Linux User
The Blog of Helios Unixmen

Free/Open Source Software
Open Source - Wikipedia Book:Free and Open Source Software - Wikipedia
How well do you know open-source software? The Open Source Way
O'Reilly Open Books Project Free and Open Source Software events
A Selection of the Very Best Open Source Tutorials and Tools FLOSS Weekly | TWiT.TV Welcome to Safari Books Online
O'Reilly Search Catalog Open Source Varsity | Open Source Training & Tutorials
Softpanorama: (slightly skeptical) Open Source Software Educational Society Free EBooks
Learning Python, Linux, Java, Ruby and more with Videos, Tutorials and Screencasts IT eBooks - Free Download - Big Library
Groklaw - The Daemon, the GNU & the Penguin ~ by Dr. Peter Salus OSS applications - Google Book Search
Online and offline ways to get involved in open source | calibre - Open books
Free and Inexpensive Ways to Pick Up Open Source Tech Skills How non-programmers can contribute to open source projects |

Computer History

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Women in Free/Open Source software

Mozilla Science Lab

Linux User Groups
Linux User Groups in the Yahoo! Directory Linux Meetup Groups - Meetup Linux Links - The Linux Portal: UserGroups

Community Linux Fests
Southeast Linux Fest Texas Linux Fest Ohio LinuxFest SCALE
LinuxFest Northwest Indiana Linux Fest Northeast Linux Fest

Linux gear - t-shirts, mugs, etc.
CafePress ComputerGear Zazzle
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