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Free/Open Source Software Advocates

Becoming a trusted member of an open source community | Finding the right HFOSS project for you |
Open Source For America The Linux Foundation
Free Geek Linux Information Portal Software in the Public Interest
Open Source Initiative (OSI) Gutsy Geeks
The Open Source Advocate
Open Source Software Institute The OpenScience Project
The project Open Source Schools
The Canadian Association for Open Source Open Source for Lithuania
Nonprofit Open Source Initiative The Microsoft Boycott Campaign
ibiblio Welcome to Open Source Armenia
Free and open source software activities in European Information Society initiatives Free Software Foundation Europe
GNU - Free Software Foundation (FSF) OSS Watch
Software Freedom Day Computer4Kids
Creative Commons Software Freedom Law Center
GEEKS Without Frontiers Open Cloud Initiative
Open Source Routing OpenMRS
High Priority Free Software Projects Open Source Robotics Foundation, Inc.
OAPEN(Open Access Publishing in European Networks) Free Software and Education
Developers | The White House
Home | GENIVI Alliance
Open City - Civic apps built with open data Humanitarian Toolbox
OpenRelief SahanaEden
Join OpenStack’s i18n community - translate documentation/software for non-English speakers CodeMontage
How to Get Involved with the Apache Mesos Open Source Cloud Project | Red Hat invites all to work on its OpenShift PaaS cloud | ZDNet
What can I do for Mozilla prpl

Women of Open Source
LinuxChix The Ada Initiative
Debian Women KDE Women
GNOME Outreach Program for Women PyLadies – Women Who Love Coding in Python
Girl Develop It -- Learn to Code Women Who Code (WomenWhoCode) on Twitter
Geek Feminism Wiki Outreach Program For Women - Free and Open Source Software internships for women
Meet These Women With Awesome Careers Working On Linux The Perl Foundation - Outreach Program for Women
Black Girls Code, BlackGirlsCode - Black Girls Code   imagine. build. create.