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Software/Web Development Tools

IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Eclipse Netbeans
CodeLite Free and Open Source IDE Software Applications
Open Source IDE for Perl Best opensource IDE for building applications on Google App Engine?
Open Source IDE for Java IntelliJ IDEA
EPIC - Perl Editor and IDE for Eclipse 10 Free and Useful IDE for Programmers and Developers

HTML editors
BlueGriffon Amaya
Bluefish KompoZer
CKEditor The SeaMonkey® Project
Aptana elRTE

Web application frameworks
Model–view–controller Multitier architecture
Django TurboGears
Mozilla Labs Apps project CodeIgniter
Cappuccino Ruby on Rails
Symfony ZK
Open Source Web Frameworks in Java Flex
The Apache Velocity Project CakePHP
Apache Wicket Grails
Apache Struts Apache Struts
Zend Framework Zend Framework
JBoss Web Framework Kit CherryPy
Echo Dancer
Perl Web Frameworks Catalyst
Web Frameworks for Python Hydrogen
Hydrogen Hydrogen

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Top 40 best free CMS Top 12 Free Content Management Systems (CMS)
24 Well Known and Best PHP Open Source CMS Content Management Systems / Blogs & wikis
CMS Matrix - cms comparison tool How To Choose The Right CMS
Open Source CMS Pro CMS books, resources & commentary opensource CMS
OpenCms CMS Toolbox
Drupal Drupal CMS
Drupal Tutorials Drupal Tutorials
Drupal - FLOSS manual The Drupal Cookbook (for beginners)
Drupal Dude Symphony. An open source CMS
Joomla Drupal and WordPress Training Joomla!
Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla! Learn Joomla: Joomla CMS Video Tutorial Introduction
30+ Joomla Video Tutorials Free Joomla Tutorials
Joomla New CMS series (VOICE) Joomla 1.6 Tutorial
WordPress | How to Build Websites How to use WordPress as a Truly Customized CMS (Multiple Headers, Footers, Sidebars and more!)
Plone concrete5
Jahia TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library - Content Management

Cloud services (PaaS)