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Business Cases for Free/Open Source Software

Open source stack solid foundation for All Homes For Oxfam volunteer-driven free software makes sense
Open source Campcaster empowers independent radio broadcasters How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories
Microsoft's high prices drive FSW to Linux, open source Help for Library Computers
Linux, open source software pay off for PayPal Linux to help the Library of Congress save American history
Stretching the Education Dollar With Linux IT security firm trusts open source inside and out
Car dealership uses Asterisk VoIP to stay on "cutting edge" San Diego rolls out laptops with Linux
City Net Goes Open Source Schools Save Big with Open Source
How PDAs Are Saving Lives in Africa The Canadian Labour Congress Switches to OpenOffice
How open source saved a school district's IT department PayPal's Matthew Mengerink: Open Source Essential to Success
LTSP saves old hardware in Brazilian doctor's office Linux helps to squeeze the last drop out of oilfields
World's most remote island gets advanced medical support A California city rebuilds network using all open source software
Hospital software vendor McKesson uses Linux to heal IT budgets Mid-Market Heroes: Linux and Outsourcing Help Virgin America Soar
Open Source Saved Me $100,000 Paylocity saves money developing on Linux
Athens schools promote 'open source' computing Educating Tux: case studies of Linux deployments in high schools around the world
Navy to focus only on open systems MAMPU migrates to and ODF to increase freedom of choice and interoperability
Wall Street still likes Linux, but for new reasons School districts serve up lessons in Linux
Ubuntu breathes new life into school's abandoned hardware Open source key to Al Jazeera's Web 2.0 success
GSA makes the case for open source Running a business on desktop Linux
The Big Board Goes Linux NPR station WBUR Boston adds support for free audio standard
Suncorp envisages Linux, ODF for 20,000 desktops Wall Street becoming Linux stronghold
Insurance company bets health on open source Move Your Business from Windows to Linux
Travelocity's parent company hails Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 A Day Without Open Source
Put The Power of Linux Into Your Business Putting Together A Linux Office
Six Reasons Why Linux Is Right for Small Business Free Software is good for business
Can Ubuntu Linux Really Run My Small Business? OPEN SOURCE GOD: 480+ Open Source Applications
Open Source for Business: Now More Than Ever, Part 1 Open Source for Business: Now More Than Ever, Part 2
10 reasons why open source makes sense on smart phones 50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect